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How does the Tracking system work?

When an agent books a shipment, the details are passed to the Move-Commerce system ( 'How do I update Move-Commerce' for the different methods of passing information to Move-Commerce). When 'booking' a shipment on Move-Commerce, you can specify which of the parties involved are to be allowed to view the shipment and which parties can update the shipment status (see 'Where does the information go?' below). You can also specify which 'events' will be reported - for example, on an export shipment you may want to record the Pickup date, Sailing date, Vessel arrival date, Customs clearance date and delivery date.

If the 'booking' agent consigns the shipment to an origin agent and/or destination agent, the details will be passed immediately to the agents by e-mail. The agents can then update the status of the shipment, if you have given them permission to do so.

Once the shipment is on Move-Commerce, the status can be updated by many different parties (subject to the 'privileges' you give to each party). The parties involved can include Origin & Destination agents, Relocation companies, Corporate accounts & Clients, Freight carriers and Customs offices.

The Shipment details and the status information can be viewed at any time by any of the parties.

The information is also used to provide reports for your Corporate Accounts and clients.

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